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Sports application require special surfaces that are flat, level and consistent so that player is unaffected by variables in the floor. The degree of friction between the player’s shoes and the surface needs to be high enough to prevent slipping, but not so high as to restrict foot movement either in a continuous direction or when turning, or prevent the controlled sliding of the foot. The floor should meet the specific requirements of “point” and “area elasticity”. Parameters lie that in stiffness, Energy Absorption and friction are particularly important for sports.


Pallium offers Poly-urethane (PU) based sports surfaces that meet all the requirements of the athletes and are long lasting and renewable. They are also seamless and come with inbuilt lane marking.


Pallium Floorings have optimum load baring and wear resistance and are anti-skid to minimize the risk of physical injury. 

Indoor & Outdoor Sports Flooring

Indoor Sports Flooring


Badminton and other Indoor Sports Activities:


Herculan sports flooring is seamless from wall to wall, impermeable to water, rot-proof, chemical resistant, easy to clean, hygienic, fire resistant, shock absorbent and is wear resistant. Further, it offers freedom of design, color, and shape.Herculan offers much superior shock absorption and ball rebound. These qualities reduce injuries to a great extent and improve the actual playing experience. Herculan sports flooring also have an elastic polyurethane coating that allows simple cleaning and maintenance. They do not wear down and tear apart easily, which eliminates the need for replacing them for a long time. They are resistant to static load too and offer worldwide job reference. Herculan surfaces are certified by BWF (Badminton world Federation) and Basketball Federation.


Apart from PU based sports flooring, Pallium also offers vinyl based indoor sports surfaces. Pallium offers sports flooring in different colors and patterns to suit different needs. Whether you need gym flooring or for a badminton court, you will find something that fits the bill perfectly.

Outdoor Sports Flooring


Tennis and Basketball flooring


Pallium offers Herculan synthetic sports floors that are specially designed for tennis, basketball and outdoor badminton.The high performance seamless surface of the Pallium flooring is non-porous and gives the optimum slide and slip resistance.

HERCULAN Sports Surfaces B.V. is an independent, reliable and world-renowned manufacturer. A Dutch company of great repute it is famed for its meticulous quest for perfection and trademark desire for excellence. It is a manufacturer of synthetic long lasting certified sports surfaces, decorative and protective floorings since many decades. Herculan surfaces are durable, seamless, nonporous, hygenic, and easy to clean. What’s more they are environmentally friendly as well.


Herculan Court G, a sprayed polyurethane top coating helps players’ achieve the need for ball pace and bounce. This sport surface is ITF approved.


Herculan Tennis Court sports floors are seamless, cushioned, multi-functional with point elastic properties. Moreover, these sports floors are easy to maintain and can be resurfaced when required.

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