Flexible Floors for Dynamic offices 

“ A few inches below the floor

will give your business more room to grow"


We want to share with you some details and images of how Polyflor UK has been contributing in the fight against Coronavirus. After some incredible planning by the British Army in just two weeks a combined force of contractors backed by teams of soldiers converted an exhibition centre into what is currently the worlds largest hospital. The new Nightingale Hospital has a floor space of 87,328 sq meters and will house 4,000 ICU beds divided in 2, 2,000 bed intensive care wards. The combined length of the hospital wards is a staggering 1.1 km from end to end. Polyflor have supplied multiple product lines for this incredible project. The hospital is now open and set to receive its first patients soon.

Solarbrite Vinyl Planks

Easy clean, zero maintenance Solarbrite Vinyl Planks from Pallium are ideal for Gyms, offices and other heavy duty application areas. It doesn't get affected with water and it's unique property doesn't let the dust settle on it !!

Stepped raised floors for Auditorium

Pallium is pleased to introduce Modular Stepped Floors for Auditoriums , Theatres, Lecture Rooms etc,. Advantages include Low weight, speed of work, complete flexibility, choice of under flow air conditioning and avoidance of need of false ceiling!!

Badminton Floors for Indoor

Badminton court by Prime Performance!
Site: Gurgaon.
Prime performance offers floors for schools, residential housing societies, public parks, Gyms, clubs and amateur as well as professional sports arenas.

Badminton Flooring for Outdoors

Love for Badminton as sports is only 2nd to cricket in India. However due to limited indoor facilities most people play outdoors. Pallium offers both indoor and outdoor Badminton Flooring. It’s specially made outdoor Badminton flooring tiles give cushioning and Safety to knees and are easy to maintain. They can even be resurfaced. Its ideal for housing societies, schools, club houses and other informal play areas where safety and comfort to player is important.

Operation Theatre (OT) Floors

Polyflor in association with Pallium, New Delhi offers SD and #ESD #Conductive floors to secure sensitive areas like OTs , ICUs, CCUs and other critical areas of #hospitals. Polyflor is environment friendly, seamless, hygienic. Polyflor is considered best in its class.

Unitile Raised Floor Now Even More Strong

#UnitileIndia specially engineered panel design–Low Flange Width (LFW) is engineered such that beam width & foot resting area is enhanced.There is 71% increase in footprint area which improves load carrying performance of system & wider beam width increases stability of system. https://t.co/HwjVM2B0L6

Stepped Raised Floor

Stepped raised flooring has numerous advantages in educational institutions & classrooms.They are designed to sustain higher weight & exert lesser dead load on base of building as compared to conventional IPS flooring,leading to more enduring academic structures. #UnitileIndia

Raised Access Floor - Quick Facts

#UnitileIndia raised access floors are efficacious flooring solutions specially engineered for the modern day workspaces. They are modular, flexible. To learn some quick facts about raised access flooring and its benefits, check out the video below. https://t.co/Mm8CCOazh4

Unitile False Flooring making inroads into Education sector with Expertise from Pallium

#unitile , a world renowned false floor made in India forays into Education domain with its partners #pallium to offer cost effective, fast and simple solution for #classroom, #auditorium and other such spaces where stepped flooring is needed. #unitile is easy to install and maintain, is flexible, cost effective and even has a tradable value at end of its lifecycle.

False Flooring from Pallium

#Unitile #False #Flooring from Pallium is now available Ex-stock. We offer services for sectors including IT, ITES, #ControlRooms , #Education , #serverroom, #datacenters , #openoffices , #coworking spaces etc,.

Pallium Participates in Didac India

#PalliumMarketingPrivateLimited participated in Didac India with its channel partners M/s #UnitedofficeSystems and displayed capabilities of #RaisedAccessFloors to manage modern offices, control centers, #eliberaries etc,.