The growing years are an exciting time, full of activity. Children are the ones who are most susceptible to accidents. Thankfully, Playsafe offers excellent impact absorption properties, which cushion the probability of unpleasant injuries. This makes it an excellent surface for flooring in parks, schools and children's play areas.







Multi Purpose Hall



Dance Room



Activity Room



Yoga Room



Class Room


VCT is the most popular, standard, base-grade finish flooring used across world today for a wide variety of commercial and institutional applications. A key to its good performance is maintenance.  VCT should be given several coats of good quality, commercial polish, following the manufacturer’s instructions.  This will fill the surface pores and provide a layer of protection.

  • Suitable for all heavy commercial applications.

  • Large color range available for design options and varying color combinations.

  • FloorScore certified for low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions







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