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“ A few inches below the floor will give your business more room to grow ”

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Work has changed.  Office need change too.


Old cable Management System Vs New Unitile Access Floor system

Traditional wire and cable systems are rigid and expensive. They offer minimal advantages and are limited in scope.

This made the system Rigid and complex, Expensive and uncompromising, offer Poor integration and performance and is a security concern too.

Benefits of New Modular Flooring system with Flexibile design

Raised access floors is a platform built several inches above the structural floor, creating a cavity/void between the existing floor/slab and the top surface of RAF.

The system is completely modular; any panel can be uncovered to access the wires beneath, enabling changes to be made easily without the need for skilled manpower or specialized equipment in minimal downtime. Raised access floor systems consist of bolt-together metal pedestals and floor panels of steel with cementitious infill.

Drastically reduces dead load of building

The dead load of 3” of raised flooring system is only 35 to 42 Kg/ Sq. m. on the mother slab as against that of 3” of IPS (concrete) is 150 - 170 Kg/ Sq. m.

Purpose of Cavity

  • Passing Electrical/Data/Voice/Power cables

  • Plumbing pipes

  • Air conditioning piping and cable management


Why use a Raised floor?


  • The system responds to organizational and technological changes quickly and easily

  • Provides a tremendous amount of flexibility and capacity in minimal time

  • An Access Floor system reduces life the facilities cycle costs

  • Designed to meet the most demanding needs of new or refurbished buildings

  • Flexible and a high performance solution.

  • A long term cost-effective investment


With the integrated raised access flooring system, you can transform any facility into a strategic asset—one you can rely on to deliver measurable benefits.

The Unitile Advantage


  • Wide choice of panels, fire-resistant and fire-rated products, strong under-structure availability of Unitile™ PVC Grommets, air flow control, damper, panel lifter and other accessories.

  • Made in India, made for the world

  • Customised solutions for unique applications like raised , stepped lecture rooms, training centers, data center, control room, auditorium.

  • Raised floors eliminates the need for wet works like screeding and tiling which generally take a long period to cure and set, until which no other work can be carried on at the site

  • Being a completely dry construction, access floor installation can be carried out simultaneously with services like distribution of power, voice and data, or interiors and modular furniture

  • Construction layouts need time be fully finalized to determine the definite path of cable trays, causing delay in completion. The modularity of the system & the plenum beneath the floor lets you modify layout at any stage of the project with great ease and in minimal time

  • Access floor systems guarantees a water leveled floor thus allowing you to pre-plan and standardize the height of your modular partitions uniformly throughout the facility. This leads to saving of considerable man power and time, which is otherwise required very often for level adjustments of partitions prior to their installation

  • Eliminate the cost of screeding works


Advantage of Pallium


  • Ready availability of stock.

  • Trained technicians to carry out fast and professional work.

  • Over a decade of experience in rendering professional services in Delhi, NCR, including Gurgaon, NOIDA, GNOIDA, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, North India, Punjab, Rajasthan, UP, Haryana, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand and other areas like Jaipur, Jodhpur. Capability to out installations in all parts of India and abroad.

  • Trusted partners for Delhi Metro (DMRC), L&T, EIL and several multinationals.

  • ISO certified company. SGS, CISCA certified product.

At Pallium we offer Unitile Access Floors, USF 800 Panels, USF 1650 Panels (Unitile Solid Fill Panel)  Unifold Panels , Unitile Wood Core and Unitile Chip Board Panels (UWC and UCB), Unitile cavity Floor, Raised access Floor Panels for auditoriums, open offices, and training rooms etc.

We also offer modular false flooring panels, understructure and accessories including:

  • Unitile Solid Fill Standard Panel (USF)

  • New Unifold Unitile Panel 1650

  • Unitile Fire rated Calcium Sulfate Panel

  • Unitile Chipboard Panel (UCB)

  • Unitile False FLoor Accessories - U-Flex Air Plugs, Grills, Industrial Gommets, Damper, Panel Lifter, Air-flow, Grated Panels

  • Jacks and Pedestals, understructure grid

Unitile Stepped raised flooring has various benefits in education, training sector. Flexibility of raised modular floor construction allow educational institutions to modify the lecture room layout as per the changing needs without much hassles and disturbance of the on-goin session. Added advantage is the low dead weight of the false flooring system and high Uniformly Distributed load (UDL) carrying capacity and high concentrated load carrying capability. Conventional IPS flooring takes much longer and is much heavier. Some of the unique benefits of false flooring in educational institutions are:


1. Speedy and stable installation.

2. Fire resistant

3. Step Raised Floor to withstand Heavy duty loading.

4. Being Flexible easy to relocate to different location even outside the facility.

5. Full access to electrification and for reconfiguration of electric network.

6. Clean and appealing look.

7. Easy to convert into regular flat floor within no time for changing priorities

and effective usage of space.

8. No hollow sound, Great absorption. (which is experienced in plywood or other similar material)

9. Reduce dead load on the slab as against concrete construction.

10. Reduces cost of construction and time lines to built.

11. Reduces cost as against RCC / civil work.

12. Floor slab can be multipurpose and can be used for office space by dismantlying

The raised floor and relocating or salvaging it.

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