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We specialize in engineering and manufacturing raised flooring products of exceptional standards at United Office Systems Pvt. Ltd. United Group has secured the esteemed ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 international certifications, which are testimony to the world class quality, environmental conscientiousness and prescribed health and safety measures it adheres to. In addition to that, it has the honour of being only the second Company in Asia to achieve the green certification for its products and practices.

Our products have proved their mettle as they also successfully meet the rigorous standards of quality that comply with the strictest testing procedures. United Group conducts all tests of international levels that examine the entire systems using understructure rather than only the panels manufactured. And that’s not all about the tests that our products breeze through. Each product further undergoes the third party tests conducted at reputed third party certification bodies like TUV-PSB Singapore and Bureau VERITAS France. And it is only after each product successfully meets the stringent requirements that it is introduced to our valued customers.

False Flooring

unitile bare front.jpg
False flooring


Access Flooring System


Access flooring system is a raised/cavity flooring system that offers perfect solution for all your power and data cable management needs.




  • Freedom to re-design floor space

  • Freedom to grow workspace within available area.

  • Freedom to respond to the technological changes.

  • Freedom for your computer networks, video terminals, links, telephone and fax, electrical, hydraulic, air-conditioning and ventilation systems.

  • Best solution to improve space flexibility.

  • Low maintenance and fast paced construction with modular elements.

  • Superior indoor air quality with underfloor air distribution.




Data Centers, Server Rooms, Communication Centers, Control Rooms.

Unitile Access Flooring System comes in two varieties

  • With Composite Wood Core Panel

  • With Steel Cementitious Panel


The Unitile Advantage


  • Wide choice of panels, under-structure and coverings for varied applications.

  • Virtually customised solutions for all your access floor needs.

  • High quality wood core, steel and steel-cement panels for different load bearing needs.

  • Wide range of accessories to enhance flexibility and improve efficiency.


ESD Flooring


Antistatic flooring is used to avoid the risk of getting the equipment damaged/malfunction due to dissipation of Static Charge. An antistatic floor eliminates the dangers of static discharge, whether there is an ESD danger to a device or ESD is caused from a device, or there is a field induced ESD. It allows ESD to flow across its surface. Dissipation of static electric charge is at a rate, which is rapid but controlled to ensure safety to microcircuit devices.


Recommended for

  • Server Room, Clean Room, Telecom, Hospitals, Laboratories and general office areas.


Conductive Flooring



As electronic components become faster and more sensitive to electrical interference, the need for static control has grown manifold, particularly in technology intensive spaces like datacenters, control rooms, power plants, flight towers, call centers, operation theaters, where the loss or corruption of data can pose a serious security threat.

The sensitive parts of today’s hi tech computers can be damaged by a static discharge as low as 20 volts. The effects and annual losses attributed to electrostatic discharge are estimated to run into the billions of dollars just in the electronics industry alone. Conductive flooring reduces these losses and controls static charges generated by the human body – the major source of ESD. In fact, static charges as high as several thousand volts can be generated by the contact and separation of a person‘s foot or an equipment caster from the floor. Hence, the importance of conductive flooring is paramount in a sensitive area. A conductive floor gives a surface-to-ground electrical resistance of 2.5 x 104 to 1 x 106 ohms.

Conductive floor controls static discharges into computer terminals and other sensitive electronic equipment, thus preventing damage to internal circuitry, incorrect entries or retrieval, loss of computer memory or other malfunction. It protects large data processing facilities, process control equipment, communications installations, and other static sensitive equipment and instruments.




  • Clean rooms,

  • Electronics manufacturing assembly or test areas,

  • Access flooring,

  • Computer and Electronic equipment and Telecom-enviornments,

  • Healthcare

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