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Style and luxury with ease of maintenance is what Solarbrite offers. Solarbrite LVT has wide ranging applications in offices, hotels, upscale residencies and even Gyms. Thankfully, Solarbrite offers excellent wear resistance property and its Nano Silver property resists dirt, making it easy to clean. There are numerous colors and designs to chose from whether you like Woods, Carpets or Natural Stones - Solarbrite is the LVT to go for. 

Solarbrite Luxury Vinyl Planks

Solarbrite 3mm 2018_1.jpg
Solarbrite 3mm 2018_4.jpg
Solarbrite 3mm 2018_6.jpg
Solarbrite 3mm 2018_3.jpg
Solarbrite 3mm 2018_2.jpg
Solarbrite 3mm 2018_5.jpg
Solarbrite 3mm 2018_7.jpg
Solarbrite 3mm 2018_8.jpg


Soft comfort with sound reduction is what Solarbrite Carpet tiles offer. Enhance the aesthetics with ease of maintenance. These modular tiles are available in square as well as plank patterns. Chose from our various ranges such as Solarbrite New Basic, Solarbrite Gradient,  Solarbrite Electric,  Solarbrite Transit, Solarbrite Brick, Solarbrite Office and Solarbrite Essential designs.

Solarbrite Carpet Tiles

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