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We are proud to be associated with Armstrong for their range of False Ceilings as their Authorised Stockists.

Armstrong is a global leader in the design and manufacture of residential and commercial floors and ceilings and has a worldwide turnover exceeding $3.4 billion. Its portfolio includes false ceilings in mineral fiber, metal ceilings in aluminum and stainless steel, and decorative wood ceiling. It also provides wide range of flooring options to match the décor and need, that include resilient sheet and tile floor, hardwood, laminates, and linoleum flooring.
Besides above Armstrong has highly functional products for specialized applications like “Optra soft fiber ceiling” and acoustical wall paneling for auditoriums, conference rooms, call centers etc, “Linoder” linoleum flooring for sports applications, “Bio-guard” mineral fibre ceiling for hospitals and labs; and “Wallflex” vinyl wall coverings for hotels, clean rooms, etc.

False ceilings give aesthetic appeal, control noise, give thermal insulation and improve the efficiency of air-conditioning. A variety of false ceiling options are available from the world leader Armstrong and can be chosen as per the application area.

False Ceiling

Acoustic Ceilings from Armstrong


General Applications

Find acoustic ceilings that are recommended for almost any project, unless special performance is required.



Special Performance


The following ceilings are recommended for use in areas where noise reduction, light reflectance, fire protection, sag resistance, durability performance may be required.

Metal Ceilings


We have suitable ceilings for a variety of applications


  • Application                        :  Recommended

  • Hospitals                             :  Bio-guard, metal ceilings

  • Offices/General Areas  :  ANF RH90Classic LiteCortegaDuneDune Max,

                                                            Dune PlanksEliteFine Fissured, Fine Fissured Planks


  • Petrol Pumps                    :   Metal ceilings

  • Industrial shopfloors    :  Metal Ceilings

  • Auditorium                        :  Optra

  • Restaurants                      :  Designer’s range

  • Call centers                       :  Optra

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