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Flooring is often the first thing individuals notice when entering a room. Obviously it needs to be eye soothing and clean to create the all important first impression. From all the options available, laminated flooring is most convenient to adapt. Fixing laminate floor is simple, quick and trouble-free and maintaining it is even easier. There is no dust in the home, no mess, no trouble. 

Besides ease you also get a variety like no other….. Mahogany, Teak, Rosewood, ash, maple, Antique, you have innumerable options available.

Wood & Vinyl Flooring

vinyl flooring
Wood vinyl


Solarbrite strives to ensure that our wood-look vinyl flooring products look as close to real hardwood as possible. You get the beautiful visual of wood with the easy maintenance and water-resistance of vinyl. You can install wood-look vinyl floors in any room of your home.


Luxury vinyl planks


Vinyl flooring comes in an array of colors, designs, patterns and price range depending upon the application area. These are easy to install. The vivid colours combined with a metallic look make this design the ideal energizer for your working environment.

With the advancement of technology, vinyl flooring is now available in exotic designs and patterns which are unmatched by any other type of floor. These are available in tile form as well as roll form for seamless installation. Antique wood patterns give the same appearance and feel as real wood but being vinyl it is unaffected by water and hence can be used in any region whether basements, or any other areas which are exposed to harsh conditions and where water seepage is sporadic.

Vinyl Flooring is available in multi-layered construction as well as in homogeneous construction. You can chose correct grade of flooring for residential or commercial application or you can select special features like anti-bacterial and slip resistance as per the specific needs. We have entire selection to offer you and our expert advisors are available to guide you the most suitable flooring option for your space.

Vinyl floors are easy to maintain. Taking simple precautions like using protective pads for tables and chairs, avoiding the scratching of heavy objects and being careful with burning cigarette tips and matchstick falling on floor can ensure long life to your floor. Maintaining the floor and periodic cleaning with recommended solution is highly essential to maintain the desired appearance.




Solarbrite 1.5 & 2 mm                                        Download Catalog

Solarbrite luxury vinyl planks (3mm)               Download Catalog


Sports Flooring


Our heterogenic sports flooring, with transparent semi-matt PVC wear layer that provides excellent protection for the printed layers. The adequately designed structure allowed for reducing the glare. Lentex Sport Duo is reinforced with non-woven fabric of fibreglass that improves the dimensional stability of the product. Its bottom part is finished with a layer of PVC foam. It is designed for multi-purpose facilities used for physical education classes and other sports activities such as: gyms, practice rooms, facilities used for physical rehabilitation and fitness rooms.Rooms with Lentex Sport Duo flooring can also be used for activities other than sports practice.

Commercial flooring


  • Single layered, homogenous vinyl sheet flooring

  • 'T' wear resistance for lasting performance

  • 36 stunning shades

  • clean sweep coating for easy maintenance

  • clean room certified as per ASTM F 51 00

  • Specially used in sterile and aseptic areas

  • Made of 100% virgin vinyl

  • No heavy metals used



Hard wood flooring coupled with versatile material gives you engineered hardwood flooring. Engineered flooring is made of multi-ply construction for stability and real wood on top to give the desired appearance. Engineered wood comes with all positive traits of laminates and hard wood. On the outset it can befit any type of flooring and accentuate your home furniture. You can expect high quality engineered wood flooring to give durability for decades to come.

It can resist humidity and hence can be used in high mountainous areas or in humid regions. Contractions and expansions are minimal. They can be installed simply by clicking together like Laminated Wood. Make a smart decision and go in for your choicest floor.



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