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GYM Flooring


Sports applications require special surfaces that are flat, level and consistent so that play is unaffected by variables in the floor. The degree of friction between the player’s shoes and the surface needs to be high enough to prevent slipping, but not so high as to restrict foot movement either in a continuous direction or when turning, or prevent the controlled sliding of the foot. The floor should meet the specified requirements of the “point” and “area elasticity”. Parameters like that in stiffness, Energy Absorption and Friction are particularly important for Sports. Lentex Sports duo offers a multi-sport surface that can be used for construction of floor for sports like Badminton, Tennis, Basket-Ball, Gymnasium etc. Pallium offers floorings that have optimum load bearing and wear resistant requirements and are antiskid to minimizes the risk of physical injury. Sports flooring are good in absorbing shock and rebounding, hence providing greater safety.

free weight

Cross-section of tile after installation

Free Weight


TUFFLOOR - Cushioned Rubberised Gym Floor for Free Weight area:

Pre-fabricated EcoFlex Tiles range is made tough to bear the grunt of falling weights in the free-weight areas of professional Gymnasium. Additionally they provide excellent grip to the trainee. Soft and durable at the same time, Tuffloor is perfect to exercise on, since it is easy on calves and ankles. Apart from its noise reduction properties, it also protects the sub-floor from dropped weights. Tuffloor is recommended for Free weight areas of Gym.


Exceeding the weight of expectation

Tuffloor is a specially formulated EcoFlex surface that is ideally suited to Gymnasiums. Its biggest advantage lies in its high durability and excellent load bearing capacity, ensuring that one need not worry about any replacement for a long time. What's more, instead of the entire surface, individual tiles can be easily replaced for specific heavy wear and tear areas. All in all, making Tuffloor the final word in flooring for gymnasiums. 

Tuffloor has an impressive list of clients that includes GHP Corporation, Golds’s Gyms, Talwalkar's Health & Service, Planet 9 Fitness Centre, Body Design, Hilton Hotels, Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., YMCA , etc.



Tuffloor is available in two shapes


Side:                               19.25 inches                 19.25 inches                           6.5 inches

Area:                               2.57 sq. ft.                     2.57 sq. ft.                               0.67 sq. ft.

Thickness:                     10 mm                           22 mm                                     18 mm

Tolerance:                      (+/-) 2 %                        (+/-) 2 %                                   (+/-) 2 %

Colours:                     Green/Black/                 Green/Black/                         Green/Black/

                                Terracotta/Terrazo         Terracotta/Terrazo          Terracotta/Terrazo


Colours available



Group Exercise/ Aerobics Room

We offer various options to meet dance floor needs. Dance floor, fitness centre, aerobic floor or anything similar should have a floor which should be cushioned and soft to feet and knee and should offer skid resistance and at the same time should not be restrictive in movement and even help in sliding when desired.


Universal Sports Flooring are particularly suitable for such needs. Universal Sports Flooring absorbs shocks and give feet a softer feel. Universal Sports Flooring is the best available floor for dance and also for multi-purpose indoor sports applications. They enhance performance and greatly reduce injuries. Universal Sports Flooring are available in eye-soothing solid colors and also in wooden appearance.


Universal Floors – Cushioned vinyl flooring for health-clubs


Universal Sports Flooring offers a multi-sport surface that can be used for construction of floor for sports like Gymnasium, Badminton, Basket-Ball, Dance-Room etc,. Universal Sports Flooring offers optimum load bearing and wear resistant requirements. The cushioning effect offered by Universal Sports Flooring along with its antiskid feature minimizes the risk of physical injury, yet giving a plain surface that would not hamper the desired movement and slip factor. Universal Sports Flooring also enhances the visual environment of the facility and leaves a significant impact on the appearance and aesthetics. Its colour and reflectance are meant to build positive environment for the enthusiasts. Floors are available in Mat finish to resist the distraction from glare of lights. Universal Sports Flooring is easy to maintain, hygienic and free from dust or harmful emissions. Universal Sports Flooring is recommended for Cardio Areas, Aerobics area or even for Free weight areas where weights with rubber covering are used.







  • Total thickness: 3mm / 4.5 mm and 6.5 mm

  • Wear layer: 0.45 mm / 0.6 mm / 0.8 mm

  • Width: 1.8 m

  • Max. lenght: 10m / 15 m / 20 m

  • Application: Gym, Fitness Club, Aerobics ,Dance Room, multi-purpose hall, Yoga                              room

  • Standard: EN 685 / DIN 18032


Cardio/strength Area

Vinyl flooring comes in an array of colors, designs, patterns and price range depending upon the application area. These are easy to install. The vivid colours combined with a metallic look make this design the ideal energizer for your working environment.

With the advancement of technology, vinyl flooring is now available in exotic designs and patterns which are unmatched by any other type of floor. These are available in tile form as well as roll form for seamless installation. Antique wood patterns give the same appearance and feel as real wood but being vinyl it is unaffected by water and hence can be used in any region whether basements, or any other areas which are exposed to harsh conditions and where water seepage is sporadic.

Vinyl Flooring is available in multi-layered construction as well as in homogeneous construction. You can chose correct grade of flooring for residential or commercial application or you can select special features like anti-bacterial and slip resistance as per the specific needs. We have entire selection to offer you and our expert advisors are available to guide you the most suitable flooring option for your space.

Vinyl floors are easy to maintain. Taking simple precautions like using protective pads for tables and chairs, avoiding the scratching of heavy objects and being careful with burning cigarette tips and matchstick falling on floor can ensure long life to your floor. Maintaining the floor and periodic cleaning with recommended solution is highly essential to maintain the desired appearance.



Reception is one of the most important areas of a Gym as it is the point of first contact with customers. Reception appearance can be greatly enhanced by using Solarbrite Antique wood Vinyl planks. Solarbrite planks are available in thicknesses of 1.5mm , 2mm and 3mm in different wood look, stone look and metal look appearances to fit into your specific requirement. Solarbrite vinyl planks ensure top of the line quality.



Spruce, as it is commonly known, is mostly distributed from Noway, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.Its heartwood has a white to pale yellow colour. It is fine straight grained containing clusters of small knots with clearly marked annual rings.Spruce is classed as a softwood that has a medium density and good qualities for steam bending. This timber can be worked with hand tools with a low blunting effect except when in contact with knots where there is a noticeable blunting effect.It is generally a fairly rapid drying lumber and can be kiln dried satisfactorily. There is a small amount of movement in service.

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