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Add some WOW to your space with Infusions translucent panels. There are colors, patterns and designs that fit any space’s feel from mild and subdued to bold and wild. Choose from canopies, panels, walls or partitions to add some color to your designs.

Lumicor Translucent Panels

Vertical Wall And Room Divider Applications


Including framed office dividers, indoor window panes, door panels, and wall art. Lumiclear™ is especially well-suited for applications requiring light transmission, clarity, and material stiffness.

Wall Enhancement


Including wainscoting, backlit wall panels, and wall art



Applications ranging from full backlit panels to fixture diffusers to lamp shades. The resins we use for Lumiclear™ and Lumiguard™ not only transmit more light than glass, they are naturally resistant to yellowing or degrading from exposure to light and UV radiation. They are also heat resistant up to 170ºF (77°C). Illume™ may be added to the back of a panel (toward the light source) to softly diffuse the light and eliminate “hot spots.”

Work Surface


Lumigaurd™ is a product that can be used in many horizontal applications, including bar tops, bathroom and kitchen countertops, table tops, and desk tops.

Overhead Horizontal


Lumicor can also be used in many overhead horizontal applications, including light fixtures, ceiling tiles, acoustical deflectors and decorative elements.

Outdoor Applications


Resins have been used for outdoor accents, door inserts, fence or divider inserts, signage, and even shelter roofs and walls.

Wet Indoor Applications


Many successful applications of our products in areas exposed to moisture, water. Resins have been used for kitchen and bathroom countertops, backsplashes, shower doors, tub surrounds, and even sinks. Lumiguard™ is made from the same resin commonly used in hot tubs, so it may be used very successfully in applications where there will be greater exposure to water, physical contact.

Stair Filler Panels


Lumicor can be successfully used in stair filler panel or baluster applications in corporate facilities, and private residences.

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