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Armstrong has highly functional products for specialized applications like “Optra soft fiber ceiling” and acoustical wall paneling for auditoriums, conference rooms, call centers etc, “Linoder” linoleum flooring for sports applications, “Bio-guard” mineral fibre ceiling for hospitals and labs; and “Wallflex” vinyl wall coverings for hotels, clean rooms, etc.

Wall Paneling

Anti-Bacterial Wall Paneling


We have world's first proven antimicrobial PVC hygienic wall cladding. Antimicrobial silver ion is impregnated into the hygienic cladding panels at the time of manufacture. This helps stop the growth of bacteria and mould which works continuously for the lifetime of the panels, reducing levels of bacteria such as MRSA, E Coli, Legionella, Salmonella and mould (including Aspergillus Niger) by up to 99.99%.

Accoustic Wall Panels


Acoustic Wall panels in a variety of sizes, designs and finishes. Easy to install and configure, even in "as bulit" environments. Class A fire performance with superior acoustics (absorbs 3 to 6 times more noise than fabric-covered gypsum board.) Ideal for offices, conference rooms, schools and healthcare privacy areas

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