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Captivating Drone Shots: Unveiling Our Premium Sports Surfaces

📽️ Take a look at this captivating drone shot showcasing the sports facilities at Vipul Belmonte and Unitech in Gurugram! Immerse yourself in the beauty of these well-designed sports areas.

Check out the well-built tennis court at Vipul Belmonte, where players engage in matches on a high-quality surface that meets international standards. Witness the basketball court, where children demonstrate their skills and enjoy playing on a professionally crafted court. Discover the vibrant kids' play area, offering a fun and safe space for children to enjoy and explore.

Explore the professional-grade badminton court at Unitech, Gurugram, designed to enhance the game for badminton enthusiasts.

Pallium is proud to offer a variety of sports surfaces, including basketball courts, badminton courts, and tennis courts.

Follow us for more updates on our premium sports flooring solutions and how they can elevate your sporting experiences.

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