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TUFFLOOR: The Ultimate Gym Flooring Solution!

We are proud to showcase our installation at Purvanchal Royal City in Greater Noida. The pre-fabricated EcoFlex Tiles range, TUFFLOOR, is designed to withstand the demands of professional gymnasiums' free-weight areas.

Interior of a gym showing the installation of Tuffloor by Pallium at Purvanchal Royal City, Greater Noida
Gym at Purvanchal Royal City, Greater Noida

🏋️‍ TUFFLOOR's Key Features:

✅ Cushioned surface for enhanced comfort and safety

✅ Excellent grip for optimal performance

✅ Noise reduction and sub-floor protection from dropped weights

💪 Experience the Difference:

TUFFLOOR is trusted by renowned clients like GHP Corporation, Gold's Gyms, Talwalkar's Health & Service, and many more.

Choose TUFFLOOR for unparalleled durability and performance in your gym!

Find out more at Contact us at or +91-11-25555507 for more information.

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