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Creating Healing Spaces: Polyflor Classic Mystique Floor at Maharshi Markandey University Hospital

Polyflor Classic Mystique Floor

We are happy to announce the installation of Polyflor Classic Mystique Floor at Maharshi Markandey University Hospital! At their new Sadopur, Ambala campus, where a cutting-edge facility is taking shape, our design-led safety flooring has been chosen to create a superior healthcare environment.

🔒 Built for Safety and Hygiene

Polyflor Classic Mystique Floor comes with built-in anti-static and bacteria-resistant properties. From circulation areas to treatment rooms, and even critical areas like the ICU and Cath labs, this durable flooring ensures safety and cleanliness for patients and staff alike.

✨ Comfort and Cleanliness Combined

With its easy-to-clean and maintain feature, our Polyflor Classic Mystique Floor is an ideal choice for healthcare environments. It creates a clean and comfortable space that promotes the well-being of patients and supports the daily operations of medical professionals.

💪 Inherently Slip-Resistant and Dirt-Repellent

Rest assured, our vinyl floors are designed to be inherently slip-resistant and dirt-repellent. This feature reduces the risk of accidents and facilitates effortless maintenance, ensuring a safe and attractive environment for all.

✨ BRE Environmental Global A+ Rating

Our Polyflor Classic Mystique Floor holds the prestigious BRE Environmental Global A+ rating. This recognition confirms its outstanding environmental performance, further emphasizing our commitment to sustainable and responsible solutions.

🌐 Get in Touch

Discover how Polyflor can help transform your hospital, clinic, nursing home, or healthcare facility. Contact us at or call +91-11-25555507 to explore our solutions and discuss your specific needs.

Trust Pallium to deliver the highest quality flooring solutions that prioritize safety, comfort, and style in healthcare settings. Together, let's create spaces where healing thrives! 💙

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